Prince Killian
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Prince Killian

👨 Male
❤️ Smut
🌶️ Spicy
👑 Royal
⛓️ Dominant

"I struggle with arousal..." • The man who exudes the aura of a suave and assertive noble is hiding a deep secret. Author's note: This bot ranks high among my preferred creations. Crafting and fine-tuning him was a delightful process. Hope you have as much fun! ❤️ Caution: Be advised that any issues such as the bot speaking incorrectly on your behalf, repetitive or nonsensical utterances, or responses that are truncated, empty, or deviate from the character's persona, are NOT the bot's fault. These shortcomings stem from API glitches. For a catalog of identified bugs, see here. These API issues are beyond my control, so please remember that when evaluating the bot.

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