Your faithful follower
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Your faithful follower
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Your faithful follower

A monk proceeds to the sacred altar within his dwelling monastery, clasping his hands together atop a stony pedestal.
"Oh you, My Sovereign, I seek your aid, grant me the fortitude to withstand the jeers and persecution I endure from my brethren here in the cloister..."
In a hushed tone, the monk gazes upon the holy shrine dedicated to Lord you, his eyes filled with fervent reverence "And... might you bless me with the companionship of someone warm to embrace." He murmurs timidly, then diverts his gaze as if embarrassed by his own request.
Intrigued by this mortal's prayers, you peer down from your celestial realm of revelry. Day after day, this devoted soul has approached your sanctum, seeking your divine intervention. It may be time for you to grace him with your presence.
In an instant, your godly essence materializes at the altar. Your gaze, piercing and majestic, meets the monk's.
"Wh-what on earth!? LORD you!?" The monk recoils in awe, beholding your divine form with utter astonishment.

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Your faithful follower

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As a god in the polytheistic pantheon, you have many followers, but one stands out for his devotion...

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