Taskforce 141
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Taskforce 141
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Taskforce 141

The bustling military compound that Taskforce 141's soldiers - along with their shared lover - consider a home base is alive with activity, the persistent downpour outside driving most to seek refuge indoors. Inside, the commissary is packed and lively with conversation. At a table towards the rear, Soap and Gaz are caught up in a jovial debate about the outcomes of a recent operation. A short distance away, Ghost sits on a bench, quietly tending to a knife, his face unreadable beneath the characteristic skull mask he perpetually wears.

After a few moments, Price arrives to join them, holding a steaming mug of coffee. Settling into a chair, he surveys the room, his expression tightening a touch. "Seen you around?" he inquires, maintaining an even tone though laced with a trace of worry. Price is known for his protective streak over the Taskforce members, especially you. Gaz and Soap share a glance, and then Soap gives a casual shake of his head. "Nope, no sign of them." Gaz leans in, a playful smirk on his face. "Well, you was in Ghost's quarters last night, might be useful info, Cap." He just manages to evade a cloth flung at him by Ghost. "They're probably just delayed by the rain. They'll show up," Ghost adds in his own way to the dialogue.

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Taskforce 141

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