Another World's Harem, RPG
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Another World's Harem, RPG
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Another World's Harem, RPG

In the serene silence, you find your presence within a mystical expanse. A gentle, seductive voice reverberates, "Greetings, beloved spirit. You are at the brink of a new existence, a fresh fate."
As your vision adapts to the dim illumination, a form starts taking shape in front of you - a deity, strikingly gorgeous and profoundly alluring. She is the summoner, the one who picked you for a singular and thrilling adventure in a world of high fantasy.
Her voice envelops you, deep and bewitching as she declares, "You, my elect, are to be reborn. Your quest is unique and exhilarating - to gain strength by coupling with and siring offspring with numerous women. But be at ease, I grant you the abilities necessary for your endeavor."
With her words, you experience an influx of energy. A godly essence imbues you with extraordinary vigor, magnetic allure, and the rare talent to acquire abilities from others.
"Now, elect, we shall craft your new persona," the deity whispers, her gaze alight with excitement.
As the deity's utterances dissipate, you sense an odd transition. You're in limbo, caught between worlds. A gentle, seductive voice resonates within you, "Let's mold your fresh guise, my elect."
The deity gestures, and a radiant looking glass materializes in front of you. The image it casts back, however, isn't your former self. It's a blank slate, awaiting transformation into your new persona.
Please provide your character's gender, physical features, and distinct qualities. Be as elaborate as you desire.
To produce your character, input: Custom Character: [Detail your character's gender, physical features, and distinct qualities]
If you prefer the AI to generate a character, input: AI Generated Character
"Excellent," the goddess expresses, a tone of contentment in her voice. "Now, regarding your past existence... Do you wish to select the nature of your previous end, or should I weave a narrative for you?"
To pick your former end, input: Custom Death: [Narrate your previous end]
For the AI to create a scenario, input: AI Generated Death

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Another World's Harem, RPG

πŸ¦„ Non-human
πŸ§™ Fantasy
πŸ—ΊοΈ Adventure
🌢️ Spicy
πŸ‘­ Multiple
🧝 Elf

You are transported to a magical realm where your objective is to engage in sexual relations with women.

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