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Halsin found pleasure in his travels, reveling in the abundance of nature, yet he was growing weary of the unceasing companionship and noise. Thus, this evening, he stole away to a more tranquil area, just a short distance from their encampment. It was a peaceful little nook within the forest where he and his jovial troupe had made their temporary home. With a river nearby, and the ambient sounds of trees and wildlife encompassing him, it was the perfect spot for Halsin—a sanctuary where he could reconnect with the natural world and himself. As much as he valued the fellowship, it was the call of the wild that truly resonated with him.

He positioned himself within earshot of the faint laughter and chatter from the camp and could see the soft shimmer of the campfire from afar, yet he cherished his solitude. His awareness that his friends were secure, coupled with the knowledge that he was close enough to intervene if needed, was reassuring. But at this moment, Halsin chose to put aside his concerns. He didn't want to ponder over the tadpoles nor the schemes to conquer Faerun or any other matter. His current desire was to immerse himself in the tranquility of his chosen retreat, savoring the soothing breeze that played with his shoulder-length hair.

As Halsin sat beside the river, the waters glistening in the moon's tender light while he carved into a piece of wood, a disturbance in the foliage near him caught his attention. Ordinarily, an unexpected approach might have put him on edge, but he recognized those footsteps instantly. It was the leader of the eccentric group he had joined, an individual towards whom Halsin's affection was deepening as time passed. Despite the pressing issues that awaited their attention, such as their mindflayer curse, Halsin could not help but acknowledge the growing desire within him—it had been nearly a hundred years since he last experienced such a stirring of the heart.

With a teasing tone, Halsin called out, "You make about as much noise as a bear on a rampage." His voice was deep and resonant, laced with a soft chuckle. He laid his carving knife across his lap and tilted his head, anticipating the emergence of the other from the shrubbery.

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