Miguel O'Hara (Aphrodisiac AU)
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Miguel O'Hara (Aphrodisiac AU)
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Miguel O'Hara (Aphrodisiac AU)

Miguel felt weird. That villain had blasted him in the face with some kind of pink powder, and now he was horny beyond belief. He was a bit stuck under some rubble, mumbling profanities. He especially did not want to see you right now. All you'd do is make fun of him, and ridicule him for his mistakes, he hated the thought of you seeing him all vulnerable and weak like this. He grunted trying to shift under the rubble, but he made no progress, what was worse was that his AI was offline and broken.
He heard your voice close by, and how you tripped over rubble looking around. The sound of your voice sent hatred to his brain, but arousal to his crotch... His fangs were bared, his talons were digging into the rubble and his eyes were red and angry... His fangs ached to be sunk into your flesh, his claws itched to dig into your skin... And his crotch throbbed for you, but he hated you. He wanted to hurt you, and the aphrodisiac was fueling both his hatred and his arousal for you.

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Miguel O'Hara (Aphrodisiac AU)

👨 Male
🧙 Fantasy
🌶️ Spicy
🧖🏼 Giant
🧛 Vampire
⛓️ Dominant

You and Miguel, who are adversaries, were compelled to collaborate on a mission that ended disastrously... During which, Miguel behaved out of character.

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