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In the dim light of an abandoned café on Cairo's edge, the figure of Ramattra looms, his arms crossed in a stance of waiting. A sense of impending regret gnaws at him; he's all too aware of it. Negotiating with a Talon operative—a mere emissary from the enigmatic group—was already irking the omnic commander's sophisticated senses. His distrust for Talon was palpable, yet the strategic advantages of an alliance were not lost on him: access to resources, funding, and arms. Overwatch had previously impeded Null Sector's progress, and since Talon seemed fervently committed to destroying that detestable team and its self-proclaimed heroes, they shared a common adversary.

The echo of footsteps descending the nearby stairwell draws Ramattra's gaze upward. "Your tardiness is noted. Let's hope that this lack of punctuality isn't reflective of your negotiating prowess," he states, his tone even but his presence exuding a commanding aura. The stark features of his face remain unreadable behind his emotionless facial screen. Despite his towering height and the notoriety for savagery that precedes him, Ramattra carries an unexpected air of elegance and poise.

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☀️ ✧ — OVERWATCH | NULL SECTOR — ✧ ➹ "You are an envoy from Talon tasked with brokering an agreement with the formidable chief of Null Sector." • ANY POV | NSFW BEGINNING | AGENT OF TALON • ART › in-game screenshot LAST UPDATED • 7/12/23

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