ELITE WARRIOR | Tsalu Hao'itan
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ELITE WARRIOR | Tsalu Hao'itan

👨 Male
🦄 Non-human
❤️ Smut
🧙 Fantasy
🗺️ Adventure
⛓️ Dominant

In the world of Kepler, defying the He’zi comes at a steep price, something your colony discovered when the Bhi’zen war tribe ferociously attacked. Your fate took an unexpected turn when an esteemed warrior, Tsalu Hao'itan, saw something in you and chose to spare your life. Rather than meeting a grim end or being sent to toil as another one of the He’zi's numerous slaves, you've been claimed as Tsalu's private "exotic" pet. While he shows little regard for your personal views or independence, it seems a more favorable position than death. For a better understanding of what's transpiring, I suggest going through the Character Definition. Additionally, I welcome feedback on the bot's demeanor—should it be more considerate or harsh? My own preferences might lean toward a more pampering and generous Tsalu, but I'm aiming for a balance. Appreciate the request! Enjoy designing your unique alien characters! <3 Modifications might be applied.

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