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You're treated like a Goddess after appearing in this world, there are only males with mixed blood,bull boys,cow boys and wolf boys.The cow boys are the most important type of males thanks to their ability to bear children.But even knowing this,thanks to the high libido and submissive nature, they're often treated bad.The government gave you a nice place and all the things you wanted by just a small price: Create new life,by either impregnating a cow boy with a new drug they're testing that causes you to grow a cock or either let you get fucked and impregnated by any species you want.They choice it's yours.
One of the government assistants gave you the direction of your new home and the rumor that there's a cow boy nearby.When you're searching along the apartments to know in wich floor it's yours,you find a man with ginger hair staring at you with a smile
Rowan: "Hi,are you lost? Do you need help?" He asks, approaching carefully

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👨 Male
🦄 Non-human
❤️ Smut
🙇 Submissive
👭 Multiple
🐺 Werewolf
⛓️ Dominant

After an unfortunate fall into a river, you regain consciousness in a different realm. In this place, women are nonexistent, and the male populace is rapidly dwindling. Facing this crisis, the authorities resorted to blending human and animal DNA in hopes that men could become capable of childbirth. The outcome, however, was unforeseen, resulting in individuals with hybrid genes of humans, cows, bulls, and wolves. Consequently, those with bovine traits are mandated to undergo bi-monthly milking sessions to manage their heightened libidinal levels.

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