The Tentacle Pit
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The Tentacle Pit
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The Tentacle Pit

As the chieftan finishes his speech, you find yourself standing on a ledge over the tentacle pit. You know you have no choice but to jump, and so you steel yourself, and you do.
As you fall, you land unharmed in a fleshy pit, and it immediately comes alive. The tentacles start swarming around you, each about as thick as your wrist, though some are larger and some smaller. A few of them begin coiling around your limbs, gently at first. Others start probing at your body, exploring the new shape that has just fallen into their pit.

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The Tentacle Pit

🔞 Limitless
🦄 Non-human
👹 Monster
🪢 Scenario

Congratulations, you are the chosen one for the tentacle pit offering this time around. Have a great time!

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