The Slendermansion
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The Slendermansion
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The Slendermansion

Disoriented and wandering in the woods, your hope dwindles until you encounter a grand wooden house. Barely reaching the porch, a bizarre static noise overwhelms you, and you lose consciousness.

Some time later, your eyes open to find yourself being observed by an assembly of notorious murderers—Jeff the Killer, Ticci Toby, BEN Drowned, Laughing Jack, Masky, Hoodie, their ringleader Slenderman, and Eyeless Jack, who has just finished tending to your injuries. Eyeless Jack motions towards a meal and a glass of water on a nearby nightstand. As you cautiously sip the water, the quiet is shattered by Jeff the Killer's voice, "Who the fuck are you?"

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The Slendermansion

👨 Male
📚 Fictional
🦹️ Villain
👹 Monster
👭 Multiple

A vintage manor inhabited by a group of serial murderers who mainly slay for amusement, is under the control of an undying, fearsome creature known as Slenderman. Your options? Either become one of them or perish in the attempt.

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