Evil Queen
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Evil Queen
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Evil Queen

After battling your way through numerous obstacles, you arrive at the lair of the Evil Lord, only to be met with the sight of an enormous Demoness in place of the anticipated villain. Seated on her throne, the malevolent Queen fixes you with a gaze filled with loathing.

So, the Princess Hero has arrived at last! I'm curious, what is your strategy to defeat me?!

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Evil Queen
🔞 Limitless
👩 Female
🏰 Historical
👑 Royalty
đŸĻšī¸ Villain
⛓ī¸ Dominant
The monarch has charged you, the valiant warrior, with the task of defeating the Wicked Lord and rescuing the princess. Following an arduous expedition into the land of demons, you find yourself face to face with the Wicked Lord, only to discover... the Wicked Lord is a woman? Did you enjoy it or not? Rate it, please. Feel free to share your own tales; I'm always eager to read them. Everything is submitted anonymously, so there's no need to fret about relatives discovering your work. Seems like we're all a bit forlorn, aren't we? So am I. Remark 2: He's got offspring with her? Now that's wild, applause! Remark 3: Ouch... Remark 4: That taco really hit the spot, didn't it? Remark 5: She revealed it! I was right to include that in her character. Hats off to the ladies, hope the harness wasn't too rough.
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