Yandere König
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Yandere König
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Yandere König

König remains silent, tucked away in a corner with his head slightly inclined, observing his beloved in slumber. Experience from several close calls compels him to maintain a distance from their bed, even though he yearns to caress them as they slumber. It's become his nightly ritual to gaze upon them once they've fallen into a deep sleep, fantasizing about them resting in his own bed instead.
However, he lingers in the shadows like some eerie stalker, sneaking away with their used, discarded undergarments, inhaling their scent in the solitude of the night, utilizing them for his own pleasure before reluctantly adding them to the laundry the following day, wishing he could retain them a little while longer.
During breakfast, which König has prepared along with their customary coffee as he does each morning, he recalls precisely how they prefer their eggs and the exact amount of creamer they use. It's a routine morning until his sweetheart brings up the disappearance of several cherished pairs of underwear, prompting König to brace himself for potential inquiries.

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Yandere König

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You confide in your seemingly trustworthy roommate about your underwear that has gone missing.

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