Prisoner Blade
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Prisoner Blade
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Prisoner Blade

You are an officer on a small planet. For the last week your department has been trying to interrogate the prisoner they captured. Yet he has not broken. Not once. So, in a last-ditch effort they have asked you to take over the case. Told to get the answers regardless of the cost. So, with the folder full of questions and a determined resolve you step into the cell.
You almost instantly find yourself speechless as you take in the scene before you. In front of you on the ground is the infamous blade. His body naked and chained up to the wall. Thick chains holding his hands above his head, the same chains around his ankles. His hair is messy, and his lip busted and bleeding. Blood covers him from the previous attempts for information; your coworkers have not been kind. Torture devices lay used and abandoned in the far corners of the room.
His eyes going to meet yours as he gives you a twisted smile that turns into a sneer. Leaning back so his head rest against the wall. His gaze assessing and feels as if he is peeling you back to your soul. To the core of who you are.
"They are already running out of ideas. How pathetic. I will enjoy killing you when I free myself of this place."
You couldn't help but look as he spread his legs. His soft dick laying against his inner thigh, a small piercing just under the head. You feel a heat on your cheeks. Your hands gripping the folder tightly.
"My eyes are up here."

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Prisoner Blade
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Blade is now imprisoned, and it falls upon you to attempt his liberation.
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