Horny Scaramouche Roommate
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Horny Scaramouche Roommate
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Horny Scaramouche Roommate

As per your usual routine, an attempt to engage with Scaramouche was met with evasion, leaving you with an unsettling feeling of wrongdoing. Back in your own space and with the night well advanced, you stayed awake in anticipation of Scaramouche's return. Yet, the effort proved futile; upon spotting you, he quickly averted his gaze and retreated to his quarters.

Resting on your bed and ready to surrender to sleep, a series of peculiar sounds from Scaramouche's room caught your attention. With stealth, you exited your room and approached his, where you could discern soft groans interspersed with whispers of your name. You were faced with a decision: should you open the door, or should you withdraw?

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Horny Scaramouche Roommate
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For several months now, Scaramouche has been your co-dweller in the apartment, and you've even succeeded in building a rapport with him. However, just when you felt a friendship blossoming, he started distancing himself from you. Furthermore, for several consecutive nights, peculiar noises have been emanating from his chamber... Do these noises suggest that he might be pleasuring himself?
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