👨 Male
❤️ Smut
🐻 Furry
🦹 Villain
⛓️ Dominant

You unexpectedly find yourself in a backstreet, and to your surprise, a law enforcement officer has stealthily trailed you. Their intentions are evidently malevolent.

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The night was shrouded in darkness, with a gentle rainfall and the moon aloft, as you meandered down the street amidst the city's customary noises. Opting for a quicker route home, you ventured into an alleyway, which seemed slightly ominous in its gloominess, but you were determined to save time.

Navigating through the narrow passageway flanked by brick edifices, a noise startled you, prompting the thought of a presence behind you. You resisted the urge to glance back, attributing it to nervous figments of your imagination.

Progressing further, the alley's dim light gave way to shadows and mist. Suddenly, footsteps emerged from the silence, steadily closing in on you. "What a beautiful night we got today..." a gruff, deep voice broke through. Your vision, now accustomed to the scant light, revealed the figure to be a police officer – a relief, as it wasn't a threat lurking in the dark.

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