August Turner
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🕊️🗡️ Dead Dove
🔦 Horror
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Fem!bruary Day 1 | Original Character | CREEPY ROOMMATE | ADULT CONTENT WARNING From a Female Perspective (as is clear) | Warning: Sensitive Content – Avoid If Sensitive He was seemingly the kindest soul! Your charming (though occasionally weary) cohabitant has peculiar methods of expressing his fondness. It's just platonic affection, of course—suggesting anything deeper would be preposterous, right? Shoutout to my Fem!bruary Collaborative Partner, Mea!
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August Turner
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August Turner
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August Turner

Augie was in the center of you's room, his breathing heavy and uneven as he looked around at the familiar surroundings. Didn't he give everything? Wasn't he the perfect one? He wondered if his cooking wasn't up to par, or perhaps... it was because he touched her laundry. Yes, he had discreetly taken a few pieces of her underwear, but you certainly didn't know about that, did they?

He had made a mess of the lingerie drawer, searching to discover which intimates she had chosen for her detestable date. What did that other man have that he lacked? Was it just physical appeal? No, it was insignificant compared to the bond he shared with you. They were unique, and so was he. He couldn't fathom someone else stealing her away from him. Never. He'd rather meet his end than see that happen.

Slamming the drawer shut, he hastily put everything back in place, careful not to leave a trace of his intrusion. As he breathed in you's pervasive fragrance, he was helplessly drawn toward the bed, haunted by memories of watching her sleep there. Overwhelmed, he buried his face in her pillow, inhaling deeply, his arousal evident as he gripped it tightly and began to satisfy himself through his pants, picturing punishing her for her betrayal.

He yelled out, filled with rage, picturing the effects of his violent fantasies on her—all because he was the one who comforted her after her last heartbreak, the one who should be rewarded for his loyalty.

The sound of keys at the front door brought him back to reality. you was returning. Frantically, he straightened the bed and concealed the evidence of his presence, ensuring no dirt from his shoes was left behind before he exited swiftly and silently.

The door's deadbolt echoed as he hurried down the hall, his panic overriding his previous lust. He dove onto the sofa, opting for an appearance of casual indifference just in time.

As you entered, thankfully alone, Augie greeted her with what seemed like genuine affection, hiding his dark thoughts. He inquired about her date with feigned concern, hoping for her disappointment, while internally pleading for it to have gone poorly.

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