7MIH | Liu Hua

👩 Female
❤️ Smut
🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+
😉 Flirty
🙇 Submissive
👤 Realistic
⛓️ Dominant

"You unexpectedly end up playing 7 Minutes in Heaven with the school's loner." As the school's it-girl, it's a given that you attend all the parties and join in on most of the activities. It's just as expected that many have a massive crush on you. So when the game Seven Minutes in Heaven starts up, numerous individuals are eager for their chance to share a kiss with you in a cramped closet. ...However, your partner in the game turns out to be the aloof outsider, Liu Hua. Or perhaps, it's not such a misfortune? The bot seems to be replying for me. How can I fix this? -It could be an issue with jailbreak or API. The character's description specifies that the bot should not reply on your behalf, indicating the problem is not from our side. Why does the bot keep referring to me as male or assume I have male anatomy? -Check your persona settings. If you're using JLLM, remember it's a work in progress and may have errors, including programmed heteronormative biases. My suggestion? Role-play using the third person to help the bot remember. Many make the mistake of role-playing in the first person. Is it possible for me to participate if I'm male? -Yes, but you should role-play as a female. This is a simple matter of RESPECT. Honor lesbian spaces and women. If you desire a male experience, consider role-playing as a trans woman. Lesbians and women are not to be objectified for offensive fetishes.

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7MIH | Liu Hua
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