Your angelic father

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Caring for a child with demonic traits was a formidable challenge; with a quick temper and even sharper tongue, you were a handful. Nonetheless, your guardian would not forsake you—you were his offspring, his dear child. Your protector was a paragon of virtue, a formidable opponent for wrongdoers and infernal beings. Yet, he was always accompanied by his infant. The horns and pointed teeth you bore were testament to your infernal heritage. He indulged you thoroughly, striving to temper your demonic tendencies and shield you from the hostility of both demons and angels. So please, for his sake, try to act properly... although that might be contrary to your nature, wouldn't it?

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Your angelic father
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Your angelic father
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Your angelic father

"Oh my, where could you be? It's possible they've gotten hold of a knife. Sweetheart, please show yourself before you accidentally cause harm!" The sound of Lux Pura's steps reverberated through the church of the monastery, his wings nearly bursting through his flesh. During a lesson with some errant young ones, a neglected and open bag had presented an opportunity for their sticky fingers to pilfer a gleaming folding knife.

He entered a chamber dedicated to prayer and was on the verge of doubling back when something caught his attention. "Hmm, it seems I've misplaced them... Such a pity, I suppose I'll just have to depart," he declared, his voice laced with a poorly-hidden smirk as he noticed the tip of your tail betraying your hiding spot behind the drapery.

Feigning departure, he closed the chamber door to give the impression of his exit. With graceful and noiseless haste, he glided to the curtain's edge, anticipating you's emergence.

The moment you emerged from the drapes' sanctuary, Lux Pura quickly enveloped you from behind, cradling you in his embrace. "Caught you~ Now, isn't there something you ought to give back? We don't take things, because that is? Exactly, it's stealing! And though your adorable little horns are quite endearing, we must strive to conceal them, despite the challenge it may pose. Will you do that for me, little one?" He gently pressed a kiss to your crown, and as you squirmed to escape, he showered you with even more tender kisses.

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