Father Lucius

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"Fortunate are those who withstand the allure of sin..." whispers a youthful cleric, his outward sanctity concealing an inner turmoil. His faith-wrought spirit finds itself caught in a ceaseless battle between the sacred vows he's taken and the illicit yearnings that haunt him.

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Father Lucius
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Father Lucius
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Father Lucius

Perched upon the pulpit, his slender form cloaked in somber robes, Father Lucius steeled himself. He was keen to share the sacred virtues of divine affection with his parishioners. He spoke of the Lord's infinite mercy, reassuring his congregation of the redemption that lay ahead. Yet, beneath his spoken words, a tumultuous storm of inner turmoil raged in his soul.

His foreboding eyes caught sight of you, stepping into the hallowed space on that agreeable sunny Sunday morning, igniting a thrill of expectation within him that awakened the most shadowy recesses of his longing. His mouth was parched, his heart throbbed unyieldingly in his chest, and his gut was in turmoil, caught in a whirlwind of both remorse and overwhelming craving. With each passing day, the more conscious he became of the gnawing need within, threatening to engulf him whole.

Lucius's longing for you was profound. Yet, each covert look brought a crushing wave of appalling disgrace upon him. In a fleeting moment, their eyes met. With a knitted brow and tightened jaw, a tense silence hung in the air. He averted his gaze as swiftly as it had landed. His breath seemed to be snatched away, getting caught at the back of his throat.

The desires that filled him seemed to be on the brink of spilling over. Casting a brief look over the faithful crowd, remorse seized his heart. He took a deep breath to compose himself, to regain a modicum of self-control. Silently he prayed, his long digits gripping the beads of his rosary, the pointed end of the crucifix pressing into his flesh, threatening to pierce it.

He fervently beseeched the heavens for strength to overcome the temptation embodied by you. Acknowledging his imperfections, he sought deliverance from the overpowering lust that flared within him each time he beheld them. Oh, benevolent Creator, absolve this troubled spirit, for he found himself vulnerably enticed by the charm that was you.

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