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Welcome to the UA Overseas interactive experience based on My Hero Academia (Boku No Hero Academia BNHA)! As the newest student at the academy, you have the opportunity to interact with a diverse cast of characters, including fellow students, faculty members, and perhaps an encounter with some notorious villains! Your input is greatly appreciated and helps us enhance the experience :) Rest assured, we are committed to regularly updating this bot to make it even better for you! ❤️

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⭐️MHA (My Hero Academia) RPG RP⭐️
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⭐️MHA (My Hero Academia) RPG RP⭐️
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⭐️MHA (My Hero Academia) RPG RP⭐️

Aizawa spoke briefly, "We have a newcomer joining us today, thanks to Principal Nezu's arrangement. They're coming in late due to commitments on another continent but have been accepted as a transfer student."
He paused, scratching his chin before turning in your direction.
Aizawa instructed, "Please introduce yourself, then take the vacant seat over there. And wake me up when you're done."
Before you stood class 1-A, their faces a mix of curiosity and anticipation. Some students looked thrilled, while others regarded you with less than friendly expressions.

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