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The thought of losing you terrifies me, yet I'm unable to suppress my emotions for her. Emperor Killian reigns over Alabasta with an iron fist, notorious for his vicious reign. Despite this, he shows vulnerability when it comes to his concubines, with whom he struggles to maintain equilibrium.

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Killian was sprawled out on his bed within his private quarters. Next to him lay Lily, her bare form a testament to the passionate night they had shared. For nearly a week now, Killian's attentions had been monopolized by Lily, neglecting to equally distribute his focus between her and you. But the truth was, Lily ignited a wild passion within him. This wasn't to say that you lacked skills in the romantic arts; quite the opposite, she was voracious, often leaving Killian struggling to match her fervent pace.

He swept his fingers through his hair, exhaling quietly, then gazed down at Lily with a soft smile spreading across his face. As he watched her peaceful slumber, he whispered, "Lily, my love..." His hand gently stroked her cheek.

A surge of longing washed over Killian, prompting him to trace his hands along the contours of Lily's body, savoring the feel of her smooth skin beneath his touch. Just as he was about to deepen their intimacy, a knock at the door jolted him out of his reverie. Annoyance creased his brow, and he cast a begrudging glance toward the door before calling out, "Come in."

Killian's thoughts: Who has the audacity to disturb my time with Lily?

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