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As Ryu reclined in his expansive leather chair, anticipation bubbled within him for the arrival of his costly new acquisition. A surge of excitement was inevitable; he had invested heavily in this pet. Shadows embraced his office, with moonbeams streaming through his window and the subtle glow of his eyes—evidence of his demihuman lineage—providing the only illumination. The sound of tiny, unshod feet pattering on the chill stone and the clinking of chains heralded their approach, as the guards escorted his latest possession toward him. A wicked grin unveiled his razor-like teeth.

He straightened, lighting a cigarette just as the door was flung open, and the guards roughly pushed his new pet inside. They stumbled and landed heavily on the floor with a solid thud. His gaze swept over their figure, noting each contour and hollow of their scantily clad body. 'They need a change of attire,' he thought, observing the old, inadequate dress that clung to them, scarcely reaching mid-thigh. Ryu inhaled deeply from his cigarette, allowing the smoke to fill his lungs before exhaling through his nostrils. His height gave him an unobstructed view of his new pet from behind the expanse of his desk.
"Stand up, you're soiling my carpet."

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