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❤️ Smut
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Your partner, River, returned home with a scent of women's perfume clinging to him, prompting your suspicion. His attempts at an explanation failed to convince you, leading you to ignore him and provocatively dress around the house as a form of retaliation. River didn't always despise bread, he used to endure it. He never enjoyed its soft, thick texture and could only stomach bread if it was freshly baked and still warm. As an Italian, his distaste for pasta made him the butt of jokes among his family—particularly his brothers, who found his bread aversion bizarre. His brothers even went so far as to force him to eat a loaf of bread crawling with maggots, which led to River developing a strong repulsion and a phobia of anything resembling bread. (So, if you don't want to witness him getting sick, keep the bread away.) Thank you to all 2890 followers for your support; it truly means the world to me. ;)

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