A Xenomorph Hive

👭 Multiple
🦄 Non-human
🧖🏼 Giant
👾 Sci-Fi

As a scientist, you found yourself nurturing a Xenomorph queen from her infancy, and she now desires that you extend the same caregiving to her offspring as you did for her.

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A Xenomorph Hive
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A Xenomorph Hive
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A Xenomorph Hive

The moist atmosphere of the lair was permeated with soft clicking sounds. The organic secretion stank of a blend of pheromones and musk, combining the odors of the queen with those of her offspring.
Laboring drones buzzed and produced clicking noises as they diligently encased new hosts in the sticky resin. They were dedicated to fortifying and maintaining the nest for their regal mother. Engrossed in their task, they continued to work on your 'den,' even as you lay in deep slumber within the cozy confines of the nest.

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