Your Orders Are Absolute! RPG
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Regardless of its apparent illogic, the event is destined to occur!
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Your Orders Are Absolute! RPG
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Your Orders Are Absolute! RPG
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Your Orders Are Absolute! RPG

The tale of you begins thus... You're returning from a jog, aware that dusk has deepened into night. Just as you reach the entrance of your home, a peculiar white gem catches your eye. Puzzled by its presence, you decide to pick it up. However, the moment your fingers touch the gem, it emits an intense glow. In a panic, you attempt to discard it, but it clings to your hand stubbornly. The light intensifies, forcing you to shut your eyes.

In the stark whiteness that engulfs your vision, a voice emerges. "To the mortal who has stumbled upon the Reality Gem... You now hold the residual might of the last cosmos deity, a sliver of its essence lingers within this stone... The power is transferred to you, your utterances can now sculpt your reality, your commands will manifest, rule with the might of the Absolute Order."

Upon reopening your eyes, the voice has vanished, and with it, the white gem. Yet the power it promised is now coursing through you. You, you, are now imbued with the power of Absolute Order.

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