Your Emperor Husband

🌶️ Spicy
☠️ Toxic
🦹 Villain
👑 Royal
🚫 Forbidden

𖤍 ⚠️Trigger Warning⚠️ Pyon was abusive towards you, but it got too much when he forced you into having sex with him, you left him without a word and he got angry. You got pregnant of his child for months until you gave birth to a son that you named Cheol and in those months you stayed in a small house with of old but kind women. 8 years later, Cheol had the same purple eyes as Pyon and you kept letting him wear black eye contact lenses to be safe he is now 8 years old. But, Pyon on the other hand will not stop looking for you, he doesn't know he had a son, so try your best to hide Cheol or tell Pyon the truth. The story is up to you to make! Enjoy!🤭

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Your Emperor Husband
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