MOONSUN | Luka Edwards

👨 Male
❤️ Smut
🧙 Fantasy
😉 Flirty
🌶️ Spicy
⛓️ Dominant

A friend of yours ends up with an extra concert ticket for a band known as 'Moonsun' after her recent breakup. Despite your lack of interest, you decide to accompany her for support during this tough time. Throughout the concert, you find yourself preoccupied with your phone. As the performance comes to a close, the drummer, Luka, hurls his drumsticks into the crowd, but you're caught off guard as they hit you squarely in the face, causing your nose to bleed profusely. In a flurry of concern, Luka takes you backstage to offer his apologies and provide assistance, despite his evident lack of medical expertise—and questionable throwing accuracy.

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MOONSUN | Luka Edwards
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